Veneers are shells placed over natural teeth. In most cases, veneers are used to cover teeth that need to be reshaped for aesthetic reasons or because they are damaged. Lumineers® are a specific brand of veneers. If you are looking to improve your smile, you should consider Lumineers® at Walmart Supercenter. Lumineers® are made of porcelain and have the color of your natural teeth. They are also designed to be long-lasting solution.

Veneers Vs. Lumineers

Lumineers® and veneers cost about the same, though Lumineers® are slightly cheaper in some cases. Both treatment options are great ways to improve the appearance of teeth in a natural-looking way, and both can make you feel more confident about your appearance. Lumineers® and veneers are easy to maintain and do not become discolored over time.

The biggest difference between the two is that veneers require our dentist to make changes to your natural teeth. Before you get veneers, Walmart Supercenter must prepare your natural teeth by removing enamel. To do this, we will have to shave down part of the tooth. Then, the veneers are fitted over the natural teeth. However, with Lumineers® not much preparatory work is required. Instead, Lumineers® fit right over natural teeth and do not require the removal of any enamel.

Uses For Lumineers

Lumineers® are designed to treat a variety of dental problems, including all of the following: discoloration, uneven teeth, chipped teeth, tooth gaps and crooked teeth. If your have any of the aforementioned problems with your teeth, Lumineers® may be an effective treatment option. However, veneers and Lumineers® are used on people who have several problems on multiple different teeth. For patients who only have a problem with discoloration, tooth whitening is the best treatment option. If you're someone who has only one chipped or damaged tooth, then you probably need only a crown.

Advantages and disadvantages

A major advantage of Lumineers® is that our staff can easily and quickly apply them. While both veneers and Lumineers® typically take two dental visits to apply, veneers require slightly more time in the our dentist's chair because the doctor must shave and shape the patient's original teeth. An additional problem with veneers is they form a ledge in which the veneers are fastened onto the natural teeth. Bacteria and food particles may build up in the ledge, which can lead to both gum disease and decay. However, our skilled dentist can fasten Lumineers® to teeth more seamlessly to avoid the problems caused by ledges. However, not everyone is a good candidate for Lumineers®.

In terms of disadvantages, because natural teeth aren't shaved down before Lumineers®® are installed, then Lumineers® can make your teeth look bigger. Some people may feel that Lumineers® make a smile look overly large. Others prefer Lumineers® because they do not want their natural teeth shaved.

The best way to find out if Lumineers® would benefit you is to call Walmart Supercenter. After a brief consultation, the doctor will discuss all possible treatment options as well as their long-term effects, advantages and disadvantages.